Pension advice in the Netherlands

Pension advice for employers and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

Starting a new pension scheme? Extending a collective pension plan? Or in need of a second opinion for a pension offer? At you will receive clear and understandable advice. With years of experience and a no nonsense approach, we can offer high quality advice at a competitive price.

Pension scheme for multinationals in the Netherlands

Multinationals often want equal secondary working conditions in all countries where they are active. With the Dutch legislation that is not always possible. We are experienced in working with multinationals where decisions have to be made by people who are not up to speed with the Dutch rules and possibilities.

Our services for your company

An analysis of (almost) all providers is made when selecting a provider of pension (pension insurer, premium pension institution PPI or general pension fund APF). This guarantees the optimum pension scheme for your company and your employees.

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