Pension advice for employers

Pension advice for employers

Pension advice for employers

Looking for the best pension scheme for your company and your employees? We provide professional and independent pension advice. This clear advice in the field of retirement, survivor's pension and disability pension gives the employer as well as the employee insight into the possibilities and choices to be made.

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Why is pension advice in the Netherlands necessary?

As an employer in the Netherlands, you are interested in a good pension scheme at manageable costs. The many changes in legislation and social developments make it possible for you as an employer to continuously review and update necessary pension schemes. supports employers to select, set up and extend the collective pension scheme for the staff.

Pension advice for the employer: what do you get?

You will be guided step by step in the pension advisory program. You will get enough information to make your own choices. advises only on the basis of a hourly rate or a fixed prepaid fee. All advice is given in accordance with the guidelines as issued by the Authority of Financial Markets (AFM).

The benefits of independent pension advice for employers

  • We compare all pension providers.
  • We provide a clear.
  • We assist you in communicating towards staff.
  • The Works Council (OR) will also be involved in the process.

Pension advice in the Netherlands

Compare a quotation for pension advice?

Do you have an offer for advice on the pension scheme? And do you want to know if the costs are appropriate? Contact us directly. With years of experience and a no-nonsense approach we can offer high quality advice at a competitive price! A broad comparison is always offered when selecting a pension insurer or premium pension institution (PPI). This guarantees the choice for the optimal arrangement for you.

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