Pension advice for entrepreneurs

Pension advice for entrepreneurs

Pension advice for entrepreneurs and self-employed (zzp) in the Netherlands

Often the financial future is unclear for entrepreneurs. What happens to your income in case of illness, death and retirement? Our advisers help you chart your situation in terms of old-age provision, death and illness. In addition, it is examined how the financing should be settled if such a situation occurs.

Understand what is arranged for your retirement

In this process the advice is a priority and not the conclusion of a product. The entrepreneur (and his or her partner and the accountant) must fully understand what and how everything is arranged.

What do you get with pension advice for you as an entrepreneur?

  • Beforehand, you get a clear budget of the expected costs for the (partial) advice.
  • The advisory process can also be done in small steps.
  • Your partner and accountant are actively involved.
  • No long stories but short and clear information.
  • Mapping all possible solutions with accompanying pros and cons.
  • You can then make a choice based on all the possible solutions.

Examples of pension advice assignments from entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

  • Identifying current income and wealth situation, problem areas and solutions.
  • Proposal of concrete improvements for capital and income provisions (to realize savings and to make more returns).
  • Second opinion on the financial situation.
  • Help with choices for the DGA pension with the new rules in 2018.
  • Guidance on divorce in the field of retirement provisions.
  • Tax optimization of old-age, survivors and disability benefits.